Vehicle Barriers

Pedestrian and Vehicle Barriers
Embtronics Ltd. promoting world standards brand for security solutions in the area of access and entry control.Pedestrian and Vehicle Barriers.


Tripod Turnstile
  • ■ Tripod Turnsile with Stainless steel 304 Controlled bi-directional pedestrian flow
  • ■ The MHTM™ motor with sensor offer silent operation
  • ■ An emergency or power failure, arm will be drop
  • ■ Best used for train stations, airports, sport stadiums, museums, company entries, public convenience.
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    Flap Turnstile
    • ■ Fast Speed Optical Access Control Automatic Compatible with IC card, EM card, bar code tickets etc.
    • ■ Infrared photocell protection.
    • ■ Counting Function Available.
    • ■ Led direction indicator.
    • ■ Audible sound prompt and information display function.
    • ■ Can open flap barrier by two input signal.
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      Boom Barrier
      • ■ Automatic Barrier Gate for Toll Station and Car Parking Management
      • ■ Possibility of closing passages up to 8 m.
      • ■ Electronic adjustment of limit switches.
      • ■ The new position of electronic panel makes it possible to operate in vertical position also in rainy conditions, without removing the cover of the barrier.
      • ■ Very stout structure to guarantee greater protection from vandal attacks and constant reliability in use.
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        • ■ Parking Blockers Hydraulic Bollards
        • ■ 6mm stainless steel plate, stainless steel SUS304
        • ■ Rising time/Falling time: 3-6 Seconds (Optional)
        • ■ Protect Class: IP67
        • ■ Romote Controller / Manual control when power off
        • ■ Electro-hydraulic mechanically operated retractable bollard system.
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