About Embtronics

In a nutshell – as one of leading BMS (Building Management System) company in Bangladesh, we are offering BMS with HVAC, Access control system, Fire detection and protection, Lighting control solution, Parking Management and Surveillance system – all integrated into one full operating solution. Our solution is second to none.

We love what we do. It’s who we are. Our work is our passion. Our goal is to create work that is honest. Solutions that is exceptional, educational and inspirational.

For the past ten years we’ve made it our mission to go great work, building long lasting relationship with our valued clients. We measure our own success by the success of our clients. We have the expertise and capability to deliver a world-class and proactive solution and service to consistently high standards. Our track record demonstrates that we enjoy extremely good relations with our clients.

Our Approach: Our approach is collaborative, responsive and knowledgeable, with the goal of delivering success from both solution and business perspective.

What Makes Us Different: We care. We collaborate. We do great work. And we do it with a smile, because we’re pretty damn to do what we do.